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Ultrasonic AG, established 2011 in Cologne, is the German holding company of an established Chinese manufacturer and supplier of high-quality branded urban footwear products. ULTRASONIC is principally engaged in the design, manufacture and sale of shoe soles, sandals, slippers, and urban footwear. The company's ULTRASONIC brand for its premium urban footwear and and accessories collection is targeted for the domestic market... Read more

Widerruf der Börsenzulassung [German only]

Cologne, 30 August 2016 – Der Insolvenzverwalter über das Vermögen der Ultrasonic AG i.L., Herr Rechtsanwalt Dr. Christoph Niering, Köln, hat sich soe... Read more

Urban Footwear

casual shoes

ULTRASONIC’s urban footwear collection is sold under the brand ULTRASONIC... Read more

Sandals & Slippers


Sandals and Slippers are positioned as medium and high grade products... Read more

Shoe soles


The shoes soles are designed and manufactured for sport shoes... Read more