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Former CEO approached company
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September 22th, 2014

    Cologne, 22 September 2014 — Over the weekend, the dismissed former CEO of Ultrasonic AG, Qingyong Wu, contacted Clifford Chan, the CFO of the Company, and the German broker by phone, claiming that he would return to the company and that he would also return the funds. However, an attempt by a representative of the Ultrasonic Supervisory Board to personally contact Mr. Wu in Xiamen has not been successful yet. A more detailed evaluation of the call was not possible for the Management and the Supervisory Board considering the shortness of time. Regarding the current situation, the disclosure of this information nevertheless deemed to be necessary as any news could be of relevance for shareholders.

    Certainly, Management and Supervisory Board in accordance with creditors and authorities intensively seek to clarify the latest state of facts and will continue to immediately publish any essential new insights.

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